When it comes to holographic FX and projection solutions, Holotronica regards that possibilities are limited only by imagination. Holotronica was founded by Stuart Warren-Hill, AV producer, visual artist, electronic musician, entrepreneur.

His history is a long line of creative AV innovation: co-founder of the Big Chill Festival, maker of Timber, the award-winning seminal AV video of the late 90’s, he released the worlds first AV album in 2000, was voted no1 VJ by DJ magazine in 2005, and more recently released the worlds first 3D AV album called Holotronica in 2014. He developed Hologauze® for his live 3D show. It is the only screen that works with polorised 3D systems. As we have grown as a company, Holotronica now has a small team in-house, as well as wide network of collaborators that are at the top of their respective fields. Our studio is equipped with a green screen infinity wall, and the majority of our content services are run from in-house. We have the shared expertise to make anything possible, from conception planning, to content creation, install, and execution


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